~ In order to receive a high point series award for 2012/2013 Rides must ride at least 7 out of the 9 races.

~ No rider will be allowed on the race track without signing up first.

Classes & Rules
Helmet, Goggles, Gloves, Boots, & Legible # on # plate REQUIRED!
  • anything else is highly recommended

4 Bikes/Quads make a class
  • without 4 riders in a class, the class will be mixed in with a similar class

Motorcycles & Quads must run Class C Flat Track tires
  • No tuff tamers or aggressive tires on any quad over 90cc
  • Motorcycles 80cc & under may run what you bring
  • Knobbies are not encouraged they do not work well on the hard clay

50cc Beginner: First Year Racers Only! Must be 6 years old or Younger
50cc Advanced: No 70cc Motorcycles Allowed
0-70cc: Open Mini Bike: 2nd class for all 50cc riders, and a place for 70cc bikes
65/85cc Unlimited
Mad Dog: 50cc-150cc 4-Stroke only bikes for Kids and Adult Racers
Lipstick Class: For the Girls/Women ONLY
125/150/250cc Amateur
250/450cc Amateur
Open Amateur: 251cc and up/Must be 14 or older to ride class
Vintage Twins
Plus 30
Plus 40
Plus 50
Open Money: Must be 15 or older to ride this class, if you ride a money you can not ride any amateur class  
0-70cc Beginner: First year racers only! Please place your child in this class according to size of quad and experience of your child.
0-90cc Beginner: First year racers only!  Please place your child in this class according to experience and riding ability. 
0-125cc Advanced: This class is for children with more then 1 year Racing experience in ANY discipline of Racing (MX, Off road, Super Moto, etc.)  Please place your child in this class if they have been Racing for more then 1 year.
0-125cc Mini Quad Open: This class is open to ALL Mini Quad Riders.  It's a parent's decision to put their slower rider with faster riders.
Note to Mini Quad Parents:  Our referee has the right to bump your child from beginner to advanced, if seen needed.  Please police yourselves.
Youth Quad Unlimited: Must be Under 18 and cannot race the Pro Class on same day

4-Stroke Open

240cc-300cc air colded: 240cc limit on air colded 2 strokes & 300cc limit on air colded 4 strokes 

Masters Quad: 30 years and older

Lipstick Class: For the Girls/Women ONLY

Open Quad Unlimited: 200cc and up

Open Money: Must be 16 or older to ride this class